RM 3.39

Flavours Available   : Chocolate, Durian, Strawberry, Vanilla and Yam

Net Weight                : 900 ml

Packaging size          : 75mm X 75mm X 170mm

Ingredients                : Sugar, Milk solids, Palm oil, Glucose, Contains Permitted                                                      Emulsifier and Stabilizer (Riplex IF-53), Permitted Flavouring                                              and Colouring.

Shelf life                    : 18 months

Storage condition     : Keep frozen at below -20 °C

A scoop of SKOOPZ on an ice cream cone or sandwich bread will make your day filled with happiness. Its delicious taste will remain in your memories. Grab it now !

** Order Before 3pm will deliver on the same day. Order after 3pm will deliver on the next working day. The delivery process only made in working day (Monday to Friday, except public holiday).

**Only available in Kota Kinabalu area.

**Our product is HALAL and MeSTI certified.

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