1. What are your delivery hours?
Our delivery hour is from Monday to Saturday (except public holiday), 10am to 4pm.

2. When my order will be delivery?
Your order will be delivery on the same day if you place your order before 3pm on our online platform. If you place your order after 3pm, we will delivery your order on the next working day.

3. Will there be any delivery charges for the ice cream?
Yes, we will charge a minimum RM3.00 per order if your order is below RM30.00. If your order is above RM30.00, then you will enjoy free delivery for your order.

4. Can I place my order online and self-collect at your office?
Yes, you can place your order online and self-collect at our office. Our office area is located at Penampang, Beverly Hills Industrial/ Commercial Park. You may access through the below link:

5. What is your self-collection hour?
Our self-collection hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9.00 am to 4 pm (avoid 12pm-1pm)(except public holiday).

6. Can I place my order on Sunday or public holiday?
Yes, you can place your order whenever you want. We will delivery your order on the next working day.

7. How will you delivery my order? Will my order be safe?
If your order is place on our online platform, we will deliver your order by our company vehicle. But if your order is place with our partner Panda Mart, Grab Mart or MoShop, your order will be delivered by their respective rider. Yes, your order will be safe and we will make sure your order is in good quality before it reach your hand.

8. What area/ location that covered in your delivery service?
Currently our delivery location will be in Kota Kinabalu area, Sabah. Below are the places that covered in our delivery service.
(Kota Kinabalu, Kolombong, Penampang, Lido, Lintas, Damai, Luyang, Donggongon, Bundusan, Putatan, Menggatal, Inanam, Kingfisher, 1 Borneo, Alam Mesra, Likas)

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